Terms and condition

Age Limit and Compulsory Limitations:

Some of the previously existing anonymous messaging apps were lifted or banned from the Google Play Store and App Store, because of the accusations of abuse, harrassment, provoking of inferiority complex and suicidal thoughts, such measure was demanded by concerned parents and guardians.

We are responsible to make it clear that SOK is not built to abuse, harass or provoke any type of negative consequences among the users of this app and society.

We have restricted the use of our services to the users above the age of 18 years.

We do not recommend or appreciate any negative or alarming submission to this app by any user, and if such happens, we are determined to terminate the account of the related user and even involve in the legal actions, if needed.

Public Use and ethics:

All SOK users must commit to the social ethics and values and refrain from any sort of abuse, harrassment or indecent behaviour. Any racial, religious, gender or social abuse will taken with grave concern and termination of the related user account will be hugely possible.

Privacy policy:

SOK holds the right to deny or block the use of this website or mobile app to any user.


Any sort of impersonation by name or any relevance is not allowed and SOK reserves the right to take the appropriate action.

Emails and notifications:

SOK reserves the right to send e-mails and notifications to it's users alonside the option of unsubscribing the service.

Removal of messages and accounts:

SOK reserves the rights to remove any message/messages and accounts with the justification that the SOK team finds appropriate.

Limits of responsibility:

All the user provided content on this website is property of the users and SOK is not responsible for the content as well as any damage that may result from the user provided content.

Modifications of terms and conditions:

SOK reserves the right ti modify or change the terms and conditions at any time and without any prior notice.

Contact us:

You can contact us using the Contact Us page.